ASETS focuses on aligning employment services and skills development programming with the needs of the labour market.


The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) is a Government of Canada program designed to help improve the employment opportunities of Aboriginal peoples and enable them to fully participate in the Canadian economy in a relationship based on the mutual trust, respect and openness. It is demand-driven and results based, rather than client-driven.The ASETS programs are designed to deliver employment/training supports to the ready, willing and able workforce community within the YTC First Nations, enabling them to fully participate in the Canadian Economy. YTDF-ASETS Central administration office provides support and monitors the progress and creates tools to enhance services at each respective First Nation sub-agreement level.

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PO Box 3420

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Ph#: (587) 524-0180

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Yvette Alexis, ASETS Partnership Coordinator


Farrah Bourque, ASETS Assistant

Tina Reid, Child Care Coordinator

Rodney Mustus, ASETS Finance Officer


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Yvette Alexis
YTDF-ASETS Coordinator
Farrah Bourque
ASETS Assistant
Tina Reid
Child Care Coordinator
Rodney Mustus
Financial Officer

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