Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation is located in Northern Alberta on the shores of Wakamne (Lac Ste Anne). In 1877, Chief Alexis (also known as Kees-Kees-Chee-Chi or Nabe Tusahan, meaning "Cut-off hand") signed Treaty Six on behalf of the Nakota of the North Saskatchewan, Pembina and Athabasca River region. The traditional language is Nakoda/Stoney or Isga I'abi

Chief and Council

Tony Alexis, Chief

Erwin Dino Letendre, Councillor

Willard Alexis, Councillor

Henry (Hank) Alexis, Councillor

Corrine Potts, Councillor

Darwin Alexis, Councillor

Lonnie Letendre, Councillor

Dwayne Alexis, Councillor

Alexander First Nation

The Nation takes its name from Chief Katstaweskum, whose baptismal name was Alexandre, the first Chief of Alexander First Nation. The traditional language is Cree.

Chief and Council

George Arcand Jr., Chief

Kevin Arcand, Councillor

Chris Arcand, Councillor

Marty Arcand, Councillor

Heather Jennings, Councillor

Audra Arcand, Councillor

Scott Burnstick, Councillor

O’Chiese First Nation

The O’Chiese First Nation is located northwest of Rocky Mountain House. In approximately 1950, a group of fifteen families from the O'Chiese First Nation Band decided to sign an amendment to Treaty 6 and live on the reserve near Rocky Mountain House. The traditional languages are Saulteaux and Cree, with Saulteaux being the primary language.

Chief and Council

Douglas Beaverbones, Chief

Sandra Beaverbone, Councillor

Barry Saulteaux, Councillor

Martin Ironbow, Councillor

Robert Strawberry, Councillor

Cedric Whitford, Councillor

Sunchild First Nation

The Sunchild First Nation is a Cree First Nation in Alberta, Canada, part of Treaty 6, signed on May 25, 1944 under the leadership of Chief Louis Sunchild. The reserve is located northwest of Rocky Mountain House. It shares the western border of the O'Chiese First Nation.

Chief and Council

Jonathan Frencheater, Chief

Edwin Frencheater, Councillor

Clint McHugh, Councillor

Audrey Crookedlegs, Councillor

Norman Lagrelle,  Councillor

Joey Pete, Councillor

Jonathan Frencheater, Councillor