Administration manages the operations of the Council.

About Administration

The Administration department is responsible for the day-to-day work of the Yellowhead Tribal Council. This work includes providing support to the initiatives that the Council runs in service to their communities. 


Innovative and progressive Yellowhead Tribal Council Administration.


To provide effective and efficient Nation-building advisory, programs and services.


To work collectively and proactively on Treaty, political and socio-economic issues while respecting each First Nation’s autonomy.

For further information contact:

Rachel Hertz Cobb, Operations Manager 
587-524-0180 ext. #315 


The administration is composed of 10 core businesses and each has its own responsibilities that keep YTC flourishing: 

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Finance
  • Environment / Legal / Policy
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Admin Assistant
  • Reception/Operational Support
  • Admin Support
  • IT Manager


Laverne Arcand
Chief Executive Officer

Natasha Lai
Executive Assistant

Joy Sandy
Human Resources Officer

Carolyn Buffalo
Environment / Legal / Policy

Amanda Alexis
Legal Assistant

Adele Bull
T6 PSE Education Researcher

Nadine Cardinal
Reception/Operational Supp.

Kevin Fineday
IT Manager

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