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About Communications


Yellowhead Tribal Council Communications is responsible for helping shape and execute our communications strategy for the tribal council, advance key priorities of the Yellowhead Tribal Council to broad and diverse audiences and connect these priorities to our Nations and larger conversations.


An aware and involved community. Engaged and responsive YTC member First Nations. All staff working together to shape the future of the Yellowhead Tribal Council.


To achieve management of relationships between YTC and its member First Nations through the use of a variety ofcommunication methods to achieve mutual understanding, realize organizational goals and serve the public interest.


Key services include digital communications, graphic design, marketing and advertising, media relations, public research and engagement. Manage the daily operation of the tribal council’s communications channels, including website and social media accounts. Guide the tribal council’s media engagement and provide departments with strategic communications counsel. Ensure the dynamics of YTC and the information it needs to communicate while offering support when requested by our four member First Nations. Production Studio; Camera and sound equipment, broadcast-quality live streaming, post-production editing, photography Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube | @ytcadmin @ytcouncil

Who do we help communicate for? Yellowhead Tribal Council, Yellowhead Tribal College, Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society, Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society (YTCCS) Blossoming Flower: Land-Based Education (with YIEF).

What does that cover? Administration, Health, Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Strategy (ISETS), Technical Services, Child and Family Services (CFS), Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society (YTCCS), Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP), Yellowhead Tribal College, Gardens (Economic Development), Urban Program, Yellowhead Indigenous Education Foundation (YIEF) and all YTC member First Nation inquires.


Brittney Pastion
Communications Manager

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