YTC Gardens

Hydroponics farm that grows greens for our member First Nations. 

About YTC Gardens

In 2021, YTC partnered with a company called Growcer, which manufactures hydroponic farms housed in shipping containers. The vision for YTC was to build a hydroponics farm to grow food for our member First Nations. Hydroponic farming differs from traditional farming in that the plants are grown without soil. Instead, the plants will grow in water with all the nutrients the plant needs to grow. Plants grown in a hydroponic farm require 90 percent less water and 95 percent less land than those grown through traditional farming. These plants will also grow much faster and stay fresh for far longer.


The Yellowhead Tribal Gardens aims to be a driving force for Indigenous food sovereignty and serve as a reference project for all Nations.

For further information contact:

Cheryl Savoie, Ec Dev Officer
587-524-0180 ext. #346


The Yellowhead Tribal Gardens aims to use the vegetables grown to help address the barriers to healthy eating that many Nation members face. We want to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious and affordable vegetables. The simplest solution is to grow them ourselves.

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Em Shibley
Hydroponics Technician

Glenn Susan
Hydroponics Technician

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