Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Strategy

Employment services and skills development programming with the needs of the labour market.

About Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Strategy

The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Services ("ISETS") Program is a Government of Canada funded program under Employment and Social Development Canada ("ESDC") designed to help improve the employment opportunities of Indigenous Peoples and enable them to fully participate in the Canadian economy in a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and openness. ISETS focuses on aligning employment services and skills development programming with the needs of the labour market.

For further information contact:

Yvette Alexis, ISETS Coordinator
587-524-0180 ext. #343 




Yellowhead Tribal Development Foundation 

Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Services Program 2023

Employment Services:

Non-Funded (Basic/Minimum Level Services) 

  • Job Boards and postings;
  • Access to computers, printers, fax machines, telephones, internet and a resource library for job search/career planning purposes; 
  • an employment assessment and referrals if necessary 

Funded Programs/Services 

To access funding you must complete the following steps;

1. Contact your ISETS office to book an appointment.

2. It is mandatory that you submit a formal funding application, confidentiality and disclosure form and participate in an employment assessment interview. 

3. Provide information on education/work experience and previous employment/work experience and any other supporting documentation.

4. If your application is approved you must enter into a contract with the ISETS employment counselor referred to as the ACTION PLAN. 

Do I Qualify for ISETS Funding?

There are 2 different funding sources for the program and each has different qualification requirements:

1. Employment Insurcance (EI) Clients:

  • Activate Employment Insurance (EI) Claimants:
Individuals who are eligible to receive EI Part 1 benefits. 

(Service Canada determines if a person is eligible for these benefits.)

  • Employment Insurance (EI) Reach back Clients: An unemployed person who was on Employment Insurance (EI) regular benefits in the last five years.  

Note: EI Reachback refers to clients that have exhausted their EI Part 1 financial benefits.

2. Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) Clients:

In order to be eligible for CRF funding the individual MUST NOT qualify for Employment Insurance (EI):

  • Fifteen (15) years or older (unemployment and not attending school)
  • First Nation Members who demonstrate motivation and commitment to employment & life betterment. 
  • Currently employed but required skill development in order to maintain their job; or
  • Have very little or no skills that would allow them to gain meaningful employment.
  • YTC members who meet or exceed requirements and acceptance of institution and/or program. 

What are my responsibilities as an ISETS Client? 

Your training contract will outline your specific program, funding terms and conditions and responsibilities.

Requirements of all clients includes:

  • You must submit your funding application at least 2 weeks prior to the training start date in order to properly assess your eligibility.
  • You must attend your training course or be at work during working hours (have 100% attendance unless an absence is approved). You must obtain verification of attendance of these hours from the instructor/employer. Your funding will be reduced to reflect unauthorize absences. 
  • EI clients must report the number of hours you attended training or worked in each benefit period. For training you mmust also report the time spent in-class (theory) vs. practical (hands-on) experience. You must obtain verifications of these hours from your instructor/employer. 
  • You must be punctual for your training/work. You must obtain verification of attendance from the instructor/employer. Your funding will be reduced to reflect unauthorized absences. 
  • You must participate to the best of your ability in your program. 
  • You must participate in a 3 month follow up in order to close your file
  • You will be required to pay back any money received (with interest) that you are not entitled to. This may include YTDF-ISETS taking legal action.

Contact Information:

Main Address 

PO Box 3420

Morinville, AB T8R 1S3


Suite 201 17608 103rd Ave 

Edmonton, AB T5S 1J9

PH# (587)524-0180

Fax# (587)524-0181

Yvette Alexis 

YTDF-ISETS Coordinator


Sharon Cardinal 

YTDF-ISETS Finance Officer

Can I appeal the Decision if My Application is Not Approved?

A person may appeal the decisions made on their funding application. In addition to stating their intent to appeal, applicants will be required to state fully, and in writing, the basis of their appeal. There are limited provisions by which an appeal can be considered. 

The Appeal:

  • Must be received within thirty (60) days of the client receiving  written notification of the decision on their funding application.
  • Will be reviewed based on the contents of the original application, not facts or circumstances subsequently arising after appointment.  


Yvette Alexis
ISETS Coordinator

Logan Alexis
ISETS Labour Market Information Surveyor

Vanessa Kyme-Gilbert
ISETS Support

Shelly Auger

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