Yellowhead Tribal Council Urban Programming, MARCH Feedback Cash Draw

YTC would like to show our appreciation ✨ Congratulations to our March winners!! Winners will be contacted by our working team - Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you.

Background: This month (February 2021), YTC Urban Programming received a positive response from our 'Food & PPE Distribution'. Community members of our four-member Nations of YTC provided amazing feedback via Facebook and text messages. Our team has gathered names of members who left reviews and are currently utilizing our urban program. Now, we'd like to give back even more - the following community members were entered to win a cash prize.

For more information on YTC Urban Programming, please call our office at 1 (888) 277-8410 support available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Full List of Names Entered Draw: March 25, 2021 (Draw closed March. 24)


Morgan Svederus

Sher Bear

Patricia Goodrunning

Samm Sb

Jaylene Jessica Lynn

Dorothy Razzberry

Rhonda Armitstead

Marianne Parks

Shauna Dee

Leah Alexis (WINNER)

Rocky Mountain House:

Dale Evans

Shawn J Desjarlais

Melanie Jo (WINNER)

Red Deer:

Traci Goodrunniinq

Kaitlin Ljohn (WINNER)

Danielle Bigchild

Lp Smallboy

Andg Rene

Jolene Gopher

Luella Strawberry


Bruce Laframboise

Fred Laframboise

Beatrice Kootenay

Dennis Cardinal

Anita Makokis

Stacey Laframboise

Serena Bee

Natalya Lena Lafleche

Freda Ermine-morin

Nicole Arcand

Alston Elias Burnstick

Charlotte Laframboise

Christina Amor

Prince Rupert

Thelma Frame

Dawson Alexis

Sabrina Strawberri

Jeanette Segal

Leanne Austin

Miranda Lysa

Tyson Lavallee

Shauna Dee

Reta Gouda

Carmen Halcrow

Kaitlin Ljohn

Tashina Arcand

Esaus Q Sunchild

Rachel Ann

Ken Laframboise

Penny Strawberri

Tomi Marie Cook

Jordan Hayward

Danielle Lavallee (WINNER)

Raymond Snowbird Potts Jr


Rosemary Aginas (WINNER)

Angus Callihoo (WINNER)

Kevin Mustus

Sammii Gee

Murielle Callihoo

Gofur Grace


Irene Beaverbones (WINNER)

Laine Beaverbones

Bryan Briana M Beaverbone

Chanelle Beaverbone


Ivy Letendre

Candace Gladeau

Fenessa Lins (WINNER)